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Trails K12
Welcome to base camp

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Moss Street Partnership School in Reidsville was the pilot project of Trails K12. This 1/2 mile trail, completed in May 2021, winds through a mixed forest at the back of the campus with a lower and upper loop. Shortly after the trail was completed, we prepared a sucessful grant application to Toshiba in order to purchase STEM equipment for student use on the trail. This trail was made possible by RoundRock Design, Moss Street School, UNCG, Rockingham County Schools, and the Dan River Basin Association. Funding for the project was provided by NC Outdoor Heritage Advisory Council.


Rockingham County High School trail in Wentworth is a 1/2 mile trail was designed and constructed with cross-country and mountain biking in mind. The trail is adjacent and existing back gravel road on campus which provides another 1/2 mile of running, walking, and cycling to create a loop trail. 

McMichael High School Elderberry Garden & Pathway was inspired by Good Stewards of Rockingham County who first brought the idea to us. The project is currently underway and is being made possible by Gildan Apparel, Tri State Steel, Rockingham County Schools, Town of Madison, Rockingham County Community Foundation, and NC Outdoor Heritage Advisory Council.

Booker T Washinton Learning Center is an alternative school located in Reidsville. Their 1/2 mile Trails K12 trail winds through a mixed hardwood forest populated with Oak, Poplar, Dogwoods, and pine. Project was made possible by RoundRock Design, Rockingham County Schools, City of Reidsville, Reidsville Area Foundation, and NC Outdoor Heritage Advisory Council.

Trails K12 is more than building trails at schools. We're on a mission get students outside for fun and learning. We offer free field trips to local trails, rivers, and creeks to Rockingham County public school teachers. With all the natural beauty right here in Rockingham County, we don't have to transport students far to provide them with meaningful experiences in the natural world along forested trails and clear brooks. We handle all the logistics, transporation expenses, and provide nature-based craft activities. If you'd like more information, email Kathy Galvan, Program Manager, at

Trails K12 believes designing trails for school calls for deep listening and careful consideration of the needs of teachers and students. Gateways, signage, trail tread and width are just a few of the components to take into account as we design for schools. Trails K12 is a partnership with RoundRock Design, a well-respected trail design and build company. Together, we design school trails with the involvement of educators and build a structural framework for inspiration and possibilities to enhance the trail for students. 

Trails K12 is grateful for many supporters & partners!

Supporters and partners: RoundRock Design, Rockingham County Board of Education, Rockingham County High School, Moss Street Partnership School, McMichael High School, Booker T Washington Learning Center, Western Rockingham Middle School, Dan River Basin Association, Rockingham County Engineering & Public Utilities,Town of Madison, City of Reidsville, Good Stewards of Rockingham County, Reidsville Area Foundation, North Carolina Outdoor Heritage Advisory Council, HomeTrust Bank, Duke Energy Foundation, Rockingham County Community Foundation, Kris Bass Engineering, Tennessee Wholesale Nursery, and Tri-State Steel.


Trails K12, co-founded by Rockingham County Education Foundation and RoundRock, is a comprehensive initiative aimed at increasing access to natural learning environments and empowering educators and students to fully utilize these spaces. The trails are designed in close collaboration with teachers to meet needs of academic achievement, athletics, and improved childhood health. The trails open the joys and benefits of the natural world for the next generation and situate their childhoods and education in the great outdoors. Trails K12 pays dividends now in improved academics, and later in life, as they mature into adults with an appreciation for the great outdoors.

Photo by Gordon Allen
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