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Trails K12
Welcome to base camp

Photo by Gordon Allen

Welcome to Trails K12, where the Rockingham County Education Foundation and RoundRock have teamed up to turn the great outdoors into the coolest classroom ever. Think of it as Mother Nature’s university, co-created by the brightest minds in education.

Our trails? Oh, they're not your average walk in the park. They're where algebra meets leaves, where history lessons are told by ancient trees, and where PE gets an upgrade with a side of fresh air and chirping birds. It's where textbooks meet dirt tracks – and trust us, the dirt tracks are winning!

So, welcome to Trails K12 – where education, health, and a bit of squirrel-chasing fun all come together. We're not just building trails; we're growing a forest of knowledge, one happy, muddy footprint at a time.

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