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Trails Are Good For Teachers (and the rest of us too).

Hiking is good for your body, mind and soul. Hiking on trails is even better. So what are the benefits of hiking?

Trails can be good for your mental health.

People who exercise are less likely to have mental health problems than those who don't. This is because physical activity can improve your mood and self-esteem, and help you sleep better at night.

You don't need to walk alone! Join Teachers on Trails - it's free - and you'll connect with fellow educators, school personnel, and local leaders on the beautiful trails located right here in Rockingham County.

Trails can get you moving and keep you moving.

When you go for a hike, it's easier for you to pocket that phone and enjoy the fresh air. And when you do this, you're also doing yourself a lot of good. Hiking is great for your mental health because it lets you get outside and take in some scenery while also exercising. If working out is something that makes you feel overwhelmed and exhausted, hiking can be an easier way to work up a sweat without feeling so sore afterward. Hiking also has benefits for your cardiovascular health, since it gets your heart rate up while helping improve circulation throughout the body (which can lead to better sleep).

Trails are good for your cardiovascular health.

If you already enjoy a vigorous workout routine, trails are a great way to add variety and challenge to your workouts. The terrain can be more difficult than other types of exercise, especially if it's rocky or steep. This forces your muscles to work harder, which helps them grow stronger and improves cardiovascular health.

Data from the National Health Interview Survey show that people who walk on trails are more likely to report good or excellent health than those who do not walk at all—even when controlling for factors like age, sex and race/ethnicity.

Hiking on trails is good for your body, mind and soul.

The simple act of walking can improve your cardiovascular health, relieve stress, boost your mood and increase the amount of oxygen flowing to your brain. Walking also helps strengthen muscles in both arms and legs, which improves balance and stability as well as flexibility in joints like ankles, hips and knees — all important factors when it comes to longevity as we age.

The physical benefits aren’t the only ones: Walking outside also has psychological effects such as increasing self-esteem while decreasing depression symptoms such as anxiety or hostility towards others due to increased serotonin levels (the “feel good hormone”).

There are so many reasons why we love Teachers on Trails. We hope to see out there soon.

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