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RCEF provides food assistance to students and their families.


RCEF provides direct food support to students and families in need. We deliver groceries to the school where they are packed for parents to pick up or a volunteer shopper will do the grocery shopping for the family and deliver it to their home. If you'd like to learn more or have a family in need, please contact the team at soar@helprockinghamstudents.orgWe usually can provide food assistance within 24 hours.



Right now, each school in Rockingham County organizes its own weekend food backpack program for students. This means that some schools are doing well while others are left out because they simply do not have the staff, volunteer, or parental support for a program. As a result, hundreds of children who need this program are left out and often go hungry over the weekend. RCEF is partnering with Rockingham County Schools to meet this gap in services by developing a county-wide weekend food backpack program. If you would like to volunteer or learn more about where we are in the process, please contact us

We've provided more than 3,000 meals so far. Here's just one story:

A prinicipal reached out to let us know that a student and family was completely out of food. We leapt into action and delivered a week of groceries to the school within hours for the Mom to pick up. She was completely out of toilet paper and cleaning supplies too; so we tapped a separate funding source to provide those items as well. On top of that, it is a child's birthday this weekend, and Mom had no way of providing even a cake. But thanks to you, that kid will be blowing out candles on a cake made by the loving hands of his Mom.

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