Your gift is mission critical support in ensuring that Rockingham County seniors have access to one-on-one personal help from a near-peer advisor who has just walked their path, knows the obstacles to getting into college, and will help that student find their way. 


College Advising Corps increases opportunity for Rockingham County students by providing one-on-one advising to help students prepare for and take the SAT, complete college applications, and navigate the complexities of applying for financial aid and scholarships. For every ONE DOLLAR invested in Rockingham County, our seniors have received $456 in offered scholarships, totaling more than $12M right here in Rockingham County year after year.


Thanks to a challenge gift from St. Thomas Episcopal Church, your donations are matched dollar for dollar up to $8,000.


Research shows that the "average bachelor’s degree holder funnels $278,000 more into local economies than the average wage earner with only a high school diploma. These same alumni will also contribute $44,000 more in local and state taxes that advance civil services, enhance infrastructure, fund public schools and support the arts." So your investment isn't just about helping young people - you are helping your entire community, and we love you for it!


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